Conference Song

Conference Song

In 1992, conference attendees wrote a song (to the tune of “The Cassion Song”) about that year’s experience. Each year a new verse commemorates the year’s conference with humor, and it (along with selected previous verses) are performed at the closing banquet.


To Pipestem we did go/For this year’s Wah-VAC-RO/Where the flora and fauna were fine

Get involved, do your best/Take a break and get some rest/With desk yoga to clear out your mind

So it’s ho-ho-hi/The power is in “I”/Ideas, inspiration we did share

So we’ll wrap this up/As we all can raise our cup/To a toast to our work and our friends


Over hill, over dale/We have hit the ACRAO trail/And to Glade Springs we traveled to learn

Improve your mood, reduce your stress/Lay on the floor and take a breath/And just hope that the coach puts you in

Since Millennials are gone, it’s Generation Z/Which slang word will it now be?

Salty, thirsty, preach or lit/ACRAO vets don’t know their shit/So the rookies must now lead the show


Over hill, over dale/We have hit the ACRAO trail/As the new years come rolling along

ACT, diversity/And a little frivolity/Make us happy, content and strong

So we work all day, then we play all night/Recruitment, retention is our game

So it’s hi, hi, ho/As on the road we go/And we pack up and move with our show